People hesitate to put their money in small business because they feel they need a lot of money to do so. Which is not the case, as you can start investing with a minimum share from your salary. Investing is a good habit which can later benefit you by providing a stronger financial position after a few years. Here are five ways you can start investing a small amount of money for a wealthier future.

Try the cookie jar approach

Saving money in a piggy bank or investing it in business is almost the same thing. The only difference is that investing can give you more profitable returns. Big banks can offer higher interest rates on your investment without the need for monthly maintenance and minimum deposit. Even if you start investing your money with just 10$ per week, by the end of the year you will have over 500$. Get yourself a habit of saving money in a separate account which can be cashed out anytime. Start with small amounts of money, and as you get comfortable, start putting in more savings.

Enrol in your employer’s retirement plan

If you have a tight budget and cannot make up much for the near future, consider employer-sponsored retirement plan with insignificant amounts. You can start investing in your employer plan with as minimum as 1 percent of your family. Such low investments will not noticeably affect your expenditure.  Slowly you can increase your investments each year as you start to get used to investing. Later in the years with increment in your salary, the share for your investment will also increase.

Put your money in low-initial- investment mutual funds

Mutual funds allow you to put your money in the market, in portfolio stocks and bonds with a single transaction. The only barrier is many mutual fund companies require initial minimum investments that might cost you more compared to other options. But some mutual fund companies will agree to reduce the monthly investments if you have a stable earning. An automatic investing arrangement is particularly convenient for spending time every month to work on your deposits.

Play it safe with treasury securities

Government security funds cannot make you huge profits, but they will provide a safe place and some amount of interest on your deposits. You can opt for higher risk and higher profits as you get to understand their policies properly, but before you do, so it is suggested that you have a clear idea of where you are putting your money.

Invest with worthy bonds

You can plan on investing in the worthy bonds with fixed interest rates. The bonds are termed for 36 months period, but the good part is that you can take out the interest at monthly basis without penalty. You can buy as many 10$ bonds as you like and get the profits sitting at home. The simple idea is that Worthy is going to take the money from you and invest it into companies. If they benefit from it, then you will as well get some reward which will be equivalent to 5%.

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